Potential Buyer Turnoffs

By Zac Bogen via RE/MAX Choice Properties

While all real estate markets are unique and every buyer has there own set of criteria in mind while looking for a new home. There are some universal turn offs for many potential home buyers. As the house hunting season is reaching full swing here are some of the most common pitfalls committed by home sellers that might lead a potential buyer to look elsewhere.

Outdated Kitchen Appliances 

If your home’s kitchen  is rocking some appliances from the 1970’s maybe it time to consider an update. Many buyers are looking for a home that is move-in ready. Looking at an outdated kitchen can just look like work for a buyer and might cost you a potential offer. If this sounds like your kitchen then maybe it’s time to ditch the lime-green oven for something a little more contemporary.

Evidence of Indoor Pets

Yes, your pet is adorable, everyone on the web thinks so, but your potential buyer might not share the same views. Putting away pet toys, food bowls, and beds in the garage might be the better play. Some home buyers equate indoor pets with funky smells, dirt, and saliva and this might scare them away. Removing these items nip this in the bud.

Cigarettes, Ashtrays, and a Deep Clean

The smell of smoke can be a major obstacle when trying to sell your home. The smell can be absorbed into your carpet, drapes, and your walls. This can require a new coat of paint on your walls and replacing those smoke cured decorations. Consider taking the smoking outdoors when you’re house is listed.

Pools; In-ground and Above Ground

This is a region specific issue. Most would assume that this is a selling point, but some buyers might just see them as maintenance issue and potential insurance liability. If you live in a climate where having a pool is less common you might want to think twice before you take the plunge into installing a pool in your backyard. If you’re in your home for the long-haul then consider this issue on a case by case basis.

Carpeted Hardwood Floors

Before you lay that carpet over your hardwood floors consider that many potential home buyers prefer hardwood to carpet. It’s seen as easier to maintain, more aesthetically pleasing, and doesn’t have the allergies issues that carpet can carry. Letting the buyer decide if they want carpet is easier than trying to get a potential buyer to see past it if they have don’t like it.

Converted Garages

Before you covert your garage into the newest part of your home take into account that many potential buyers might prefer having the traditional garage. This is especially true if your home is short on parking. The garage serves as a place to store their car, as extra storage space, and place to store lawn care equipment. Converting this multi-use room might leave a buyer looking elsewhere.