Who knew there were so many types?!

When looking at either purchasing or building a new home the ceilings and the names they go by might be something that you find yourself unprepared for. We put together some information on a few of the most common types of ceilings so that you might be better informed when the time comes.


DrywallThese are the most common types of ceilings. And like the name suggests they are made of flat drywall and are usually painted.





Suspended (Dropped) 


A metal grid suspended from the original ceiling with wires or hangers. Tiles are then placed in the grid. These types of ceilings are often used to either cover or lower and existing ceiling or for acoustic reasons.





Tongue & Groove


Usually constructed by putting boards of wood with “tongues on one side and “grooves” on  the other so they fit together.






Coffered Ceilings



These are a waffle-like series of shrunken panels. The ancient Greeks and Romans made this from stone. Today skilled craftsman fabricate the look but layering pieces of wood to form “boxes” for the appearance of shrunken panels.



Ceiling Shapes

CatherdralCathedral – Equally steep sloped ceilings that meet at the center of a room.






vaulted Vaulted – Though similar to cathedral, vaulted ceilings don’t normally follow the roof pitch and are not equally sloped.





shedShed – The ceiling pitches upward at one end. Usually seen in Cape Cod style homes with dormers.




Commodore PA 2012Tray – Inverted or recessed ceiling.






domedDome – As the name suggests this is a domed or rounded shape ceiling.





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